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Art Lessons Now - Supplies

The suggested products are ones we use. We are very passionate about fine art materials and know that all artists are different. However, we like these products. You will too.

Our mission and ethos remains the same: we find the best products, and provide links to offer them at great prices.

We have created EBooks and Books in Print for you to read. Extensive research presented in clear concise way.

We provides artists with everything you need to know about Values, Colors and Differences.

More than just a technical guide, these fully illustrated books provides comprehensive information for those who are new to painting, as well as technical expertise and inspiration to those already creating art. The authors' advice and experience--along with the work and words of artists we have explored from around the world--will strengthen your work and studio practice. ALN EBOOKS suggest exciting new directions, and support thoughtful self-critique.

Supplies are great.

Lessons show you
how to use them!

We encourage you to paint, paint, paint, and paint.

Take a lesson today and enhance your skills and knowledge.


In each lesson or course, we share with you the materials you will need. We want you to use what you have in art supplies and only buy what you need. We suggest you might have the basics.

We are also in the process of creating a ART SUPPLIES area where we will pass on links to where we get our supplies. Buy only the basics.

Suggested Art Materials of Supply List

      • Beginner Set of Acrylics - Five basic colors Red, Yellow, Blue, Black. and White

      • Beginner Set of Oil Paints - Five basic colors Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, and White

      • Gamsol or Turpentine (suggest odorless)

  • Basic Set of Brushes

  • Palette knives

  • Scrapers or Squeegees

  • X-Acto Knife

  • Painters Tape and Scotch Tape

  • Pencils, Charcoal, Soft Pastels

  • Oil Crayons

  • Wet Media Paper, Canvas or Canvas Panel

  • Basic Supplies to mix your paint, cups, plates, wax paper etc.

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