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L01: How To Paint Water 

Paint Water in An Abstract Way

Art Lessons Now- Online video course. This is a 2-hour length showing ways to paint water using abstract techniques by Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman. 

Seven videos, all with content you will enjoy. Learn a step-by-step approach to producing your first abstract painting about water. 

Price $35.00

Price: $35.00


Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman. Two artists approach the same subject, "water" in unique and different ways.

LESSON 01 Content

L01.0: Classroom Trailer

L01.1: Introduction 

L01.2: Supplies

L01.3: Getting Started

L01.4: Masking Off Areas Using Tape.

L01.5: Mixing Oil Glazes

L01.6: Mixing Acrylic Glazes

L01.7: Refinements and Reflections

A Dual Approach

Jim Wildman and Cheryl Johnson

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