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Watch lessons from two professional artists, Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman as they share their stories, skills, shortcuts, failures, and successes.

Expertly Crafted Disruption

Art Lessons Now – Master Art Class –Pursue your passion. Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman teach the art of painting abstract expressionism. Develop your artistic style and skills. Find what inspires and brings you joy. Learn how to create stronger art.

ART LESSONS NOW Master Art Class e-learning teaching site. Cheryl and Jim are inspired artists, sharing their talent, skills and gifts.

They are imagineers and inventors seeking out ways to help artists.

ALN videos and e-books are designed to help you grow your skills as an artist and help you pursue your passion.

  • We are different. We want you to paint along.

  • We deliver results, from sharing how and and what to use that breathes life into your paintings; to ideas to sell and market your work.

  • We encourage you to have fun and experiment.

  • We offer Videos, eBooks, Books in Print, PDF's to enhance your knowledge.

  • Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your painting skills, ART• LESSONS •NOW will help you grow.


We breathe life into your paintings and fun along the way, sharing tips and techniques and how we paint that advances your art and enables you to paint along as you grow your skills. Each phase or our video lessons move you along and helps you from starting a paint to finishing and framing and selling.

We continuously infuse direction from what we’ve learned about painting, sharing ideas about helping you to determine where you’d like you art journey to go, and how your new found abilities will impact your life and sales.

At ART•LESSONS•NOW we’ll help you take the first step or conquer the latest hurdle.

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Enhance Your Painting Skills and Acquire New Ones

  • Lessons to grow your artistic skills to help you become a successful artist.

  • Become the artist you were meant to be.

  • Find what inspires and brings you joy.

  • Learn how to create stronger art.

  • Want to sell your art?

  • Want to draw?

  • What colors make brown?

  • Want to paint?

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ART LESSONS NOW is an e-learning Master Art Class teaching site and virtual art school. Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman are passionate, inspired artists and teachers sharing their talent, skills and gifts. They are imagineers and inventors, seeking out ways to help artists everywhere in the world.

ALN videos and ebooks are designed to help you grow your artistic skills.


We do not churn out endless white noise about how to paint, as this does no one any good. Just because another website may be louder or flashier, that doesn’t mean the message is being heard. For your artwork to be seen, you have to be real, authentic, passionate, and be smarter not louder or bolder in the way you paint.

This is expertly crafted disruption.

Expertly crafted disruption is so powerful, in part, because it’s so simple.

If an idea isn’t disruptive or engaging enough to catch collectors attention, it’s only adding to the white noise in the background at a gallery or an online art site. And, if it’s not expertly crafted to be unique, balanced and having the best composition or value differences; it’s falling on blind eyes and deaf ears – no matter how loudly or colorfully you blare the message if your work is not authentic and uniquely powerful you have missed the mark.

Don't just throw paint, guide where it falls. Pick colors that blend. Create values that move the eye. We want to show you how.

We teach you the secret to choosing one color to be the star. The Diva Color. The Mother Color. The leading Actor or Actress color. Think of it in that way and you will be able to unlock and unleash a powerful way to make your colors blend. Learn why Values are more important than color in your art?

In art and painting or design, color is king. Values rule. Color allows us to create our own individuality, uniqueness and flare. Across time, and for years, interior decorators, graphic designers, advertisers, and artists have been using color to enhance our lives, our homes and our environments. Color can be used to evoke a certain mood or to create a message or elicit a sharp response in the viewer.

Color theory, we believe is one of the most fundamental and important areas of painting. The importance of understanding color theory far exceeds simply knowing how to pick a color off the shelf or mix colors together (for example, knowing that yellow and blue make green or that blue paired with orange will make your painting come alive).

Color theory is a fundamental base of understanding for artists and we share important concepts that will make your art powerful.

How we imagine, create, and dream up all-new things for Art•Lessons•Now is amazing.

We believe that everyone can pursue their passions and create great art. We also believe you should have the right information you need to make beautiful art come to life as you share your stories, dreams and ideas all across the globe.

Today, we’re excited to announce we are expanding our ideas for creating videos and we are going to create Short Snippet Videos. What this means is that we will decide on a color scheme, look and idea and execute it in a video you can watch in 20 minutes. You can then purchase and download and it will be your own personal Video Sketchbook. Paintings and ideas come to life.

Values do all the work and color gets the credit

Values are the key to painting great paintings