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EBook 2-Color

Artists Guide to Color: Learn how to mix colors. 

Cheryl Johnson Teaches 
Color Theory 

EBook 2: Learn by reading—illustrated ebook. Cheryl Johnson, a consummate teacher and writer, has written this valuable artist's resource about color and how to mix and compliment. 

255 Pages of great content.

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EBOOK 2  - Learn by reading. Illustrated.

EBook 2

Artists Guide To Color

255 Pages A Must-Have Artists Resource

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Book 2


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What You Will Learn About Color - PDF 

Color theory is the key fundamental area of painting. The importance of understanding color theory surpasses knowing how to mix colors. Review the basic color theory and schemes, starting with using primary colors. Mixing and blending the three primary colors enables you to mix pretty much any color in the rainbow. Having a solid knowledge of color theory is extremely important when it comes to painting and mixing your colors. In this Module Book you will gain valuable knowledge to grow your skills.  Download PDF or view as often as you like. 

Artists Guide To Color

265 Pages A Must- Have Artists Resource

Color Theory, The Color Wheel, How to Choose a Color Scheme, and More 

 Understanding color theory and principles will provide you with important understanding and guidance on the relationship between colors and the physiological impacts of choosing certain color combinations. 

This Color Tips Book  is a more in-depth study than my Free Color Tips. You will want to own it also.

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