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L06 Color Field Painting

Explore the power of Triptychs. 

Create LARGE MODERN ART See how artists compose their paintings with broad expanses of saturated color by pouring directly on the canvas. Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman teach you how. Paint Along

color field  painting cheryl johnson

Duration: 1:30 minutes

Price: $35.00


LENGTH TIME: 31  Minutes)

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Follow along with Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman

Price: $35.00

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You will enjoy learning a step-by-step approach to producing your first abstract painting in the style of Color Field Artists

Cheryl Johnson, and Jim Wildman share their approach and demonstrate tips, techniques, and their individual approaches to painting.

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Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman's intuitive, poured Color Field painting techniques are influenced by their love of the  Abstract Expressionism style of painting.  Johnson and Wildman made their vibrant compositions by pouring paint directly onto the canvas, then tilting it. Hence, the paint dripped, bled, and pooled into fluid washes that are diaphanous or light, delicate, and translucent glazes. Their palettes and methodologies are reminiscent of the experiments of the woman abstract painter: Helen Frankenthaler. 

Johnson Wildman's paintings strive to express complex human emotions through vast color fields vibrating, moving, and melding against one another. The color draws you in. 

Abstract Expressionism heralds a body of work primarily credited to American artistic expression in the postwar period (the late 1940s and 1950s). Artists—including Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and Clyfford Still, amongst others—interested in spontaneity, monumental sized or large canvas. 

The focus is often on the psyche, taken from the Greek “psykhe”, which references “the soul, mind, spirit. and universal expressions of feeling.” Abstract Expressionism has been broken into two tendencies: Gestural Abstraction (or Action Painting), which emphasizes the energy of the painter’s mark, and Color Field Painting, which focuses on the creation of colors that are poured or seem to float, melting together in areas of the painting. 

Color Field Painting is r about the tension created by overlapping and interacting areas of flat color. These areas of color can be amorphous or without a clearly defined shape or form without clearly marked geometric areas. The tension of the colors colliding or blending is the "action" or the content. If you stand close to the canvas, the colors seem to extend beyond your peripheral vision, like a flowing river, lake or ocean of color. We hope you can almost feel the sensation of the colors themselves. We invite you to see our video about Alcohol Ink which is also another color field painting in a smaller scale. And hopefully, we will entice you to go see our other Videos on our Art Lessons Now site.


Color Field Astonishing Colors - Learn To Paint Triptych - Abstract Expressionism Cheryl Johnson

Art Lessons Now Video Lesson 6

© 2022

Artists: Cheryl Johnson, Jim Wildman

Johnson Wildman Gallery of Contemporary Art

Charlotte, NC 28216 USA


Triptych Size 30” H x 120” W x 1.5 D

Individual PaintingSize: 30 W x 40 H x 1.5in

Medium: Oil, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Latex, Texture Grouting Mix

Substate: Canvas

Style: Color Field Abstract Expressionism

Method: Poured Color Field

Year Created:: 03/2022

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Colors: Red, Yellow Ochre, Blue, Green, Black, White




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