art lessons now L04 Secret Forests

L04: How To Paint Abstract Secret Forests

Abstracting is moving away from realism. 

Forests are vanishing. Paint them now! 

Cheryl Johnson demonstrates how to build colorful opaque and transparent layers to create beautiful abstract forests—focusing on Climate Change and the importance of our awareness of protecting our planet. 

red painting cheryl johnson

L04 Paint
Secret Forests

Duration: 1 Hour Price $35.00

Paint Along

Explore  Methods, Resources, and Materials

Promo Video

L04-Learn How to Paint
Abstract Secret Forests

Using Oil and Mixed Media

I will share methods to help you become proficient in some of the most important areas of making art using color and layers. 

Paint Along with demonstrations as I share my thoughts and process. I work through the stages of the painting demonstrating techniques and explaining how each layer plays a crucial role in the life of this painting. 

I will guide you through your art-making journey, from mixing colors to building layers to the final stages of applying finesse and subtlety to your work to make it exciting and ready to sell.

Start: Watch the Promo and see all the beautiful layers and colors you can learn to paint.

Lesson 04 PROMO Learn How to Create Strong Abstract Secret Forest Painting Wildfire.mp4

I really love to create texture and colors and I will show you how.

You’ll discover key principles of design and color.

L04: Secret Forest Abstract-Wildfire

Learn How to Use Mixed Media and Oil to create a strong abstract painting. 

Paint Along. 

Cheryl Johnson shares her secrets and so much more. 

Learn to paint an abstract mixed media oil paint. The original is called: 

Climate Change Secret Forest No. 2020024

Size: 40 W x 30 H x 1.1 


Oil, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Oil Crayon

If you have always wanted to paint abstract landscapes this is a great way to start. Abstract Secret Forest with colorful reds and oranges. Build layers start with acrylics and latex and move to oil paint.

"As an artist, finding new ways of engaging an audience in the beauty of nature and encouraging the protection and preservation of our natural resources is very important to me. Our renewed and expanding focus on climate change and nature is as varied and multi-faceted as the environmental art space. Environmental art often evokes compassion, exemplifies majestic beauty, stimulates ecological awareness and promotes positive action.

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Learn to paint the color and drama of an abstract forest. 

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