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Learn How to Paint with Art Lessons Now. Improve your skills. Master Art Class. Grow your talent with art training by watching Master Artists; Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman Teach the Art of Painting. Watch, Paint Along, and Learn. Explore new ways of learning how to paint abstract art. Over 10 Hours of art online video training and 500 pages of Ebook illustrated content.


Art Lessons Now (ALN) is an online video art instructional program helping artists turn their art and paintings into powerful art that you will be proud to keep, give to family and friends or sell.

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See a painting you like and want to learn the techniques of how to paint it —
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water painting cheryl johnson

Paint Water 

Duration: 2 hours 18 minutes $35.00

allure painting cheryl johnson

Paintings that SELL

Duration: 74 Minutes $35.00

two paintings cheryl johnson

How To Use Values

Duration: 1 hour 46 minutes $35.00

red painting cheryl johnson

Secret Forest  

Duration: 1 Hour  $35.00

two alcohol ink paintings cheryl johnson

Alcohol Ink

BDuration: 1:30 minutes $35.00

color field  painting cheryl johnson

Color Field

Duration: 1:30 minutes $35.00

face gouache painting cheryl johnson

L07 Gouache

Duration: 1:30  minutes $35

Values The Creative Advantage


Value and Composition do the work and color gets all the credit

223 Pages Download the PDF and use it as a great reference book. 

Price: $35.00

Artists Guide To Color

EBook 2

265 Pages A Must-Have Artists Resource

Download PDF and use it as a great reference book 

Price $35.00

Want alot more tutorials and quick tips and techniques?

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Cheryl Johnson and
Jim Wildman
Teach the Art of Painting. 

Paint along demonstrations of painting specific paintings. Want to learn the techniques used in a painting? Now you can. Watch different and unique step-by-step ways to paint. Pursue your Passion.

We just started with Patreon. So get in on the ground floor prices.


cheryl johnson artist


Over 30 years of painting experience and years of teaching. 

 As a working artist and educator, I’ve developed a systematic approach to painting that brings authenticity, spontaneity, and joy back into the creative process. Watch a sample 

Who Is Cheryl Johnson?

She is a Bestselling artist, teacher, influencer, and Youtube rising star. Cheryl Johnson is a painter who explores the connection between realism and abstraction, balancing bold gestural art with sensitive expression. Resonating with Abstract Expressionists, her non-objective and figurative early works transitioned into abstract representational themes. Her work is enhanced by world travels, the landscape and cultures of her homes in North Carolina, Hawaii, her Idaho birthplace, and her Finnish heritage. 

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jim wildman artist

Architect, Craftsman and Artist


Who Is Jim Wildman?

He is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist recognized by curators, collectors, and art patrons across the globe. Jim Wildman creates diverse original fine art using his skills as a draftsman and architect to refine his drawings while creating compelling, balanced compositions. Jim is an artist who profoundly connects to nature and loves craftsmanship and creating. He creates abstract, contemporary, and modern collectible artwork using natural materials. 

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Our mission as artists is to create beautiful art for the world’s collectors and make it universally appealing and unique.
We want to share our knowledge and expertise with you to help you pursue your passions and grow your skills as an artist.

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Why Art Lessons Now?

A Picture is worth a thousand words!

There's Nothing Better than watching talented artists as you learn how to paint. You can paint along and do what they do or simply watch and learn their techniques and then apply what you have learned to your next painting. You will be amazed at how you will Improve your skills. Paint and paint more, and you will "Keep Getting Better and have more joy every day." 

Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman are excellent teachers who enjoy painting and are fun to watch as they create. We are confident you will learn to apply what they teach you. Being an artist is rewarding, reduces stress, and provides a wonderful outlet for your creativity. Whether you want to paint for pleasure or to sell your art, you will want to learn from professional artists with proven experience selling their art. 

It is the right time to begin growing your artistic skills. Our Videos are for Professional Artists and Aspiring Creatives. Find a great place to learn. Explore video training covering the basics of watercolor, oils, mixed media, and superb how-to tutorials. Watch two skilled artists focusing on Abstract Expressionism.

Watch and Learn.
Paint Along.
Learn Essential Skills.
Learn by Watching and Doing. 

video image cheryl johnson

Ready to start learning how to paint?

Just follow the steps below…

Two talented artists, Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman approach the same subject with the same paint and techniques producing different yet beautiful results. 

2023 is the right time to grow your artistic skills with Art Lessons Now. Our Videos help Professional Artists and Aspiring Creatives. 

First, explore video training covering the basics of oils, acrylics, and watercolor. Then, watch superb how-to video tutorials showing step-by-step processes to create a painting. Do you want to focus on Abstract Expressionism or paint abstract landscapes, florals, or more, these lessons are for you. 

Where Teaching and Learning
Come Together

Art Lessons Now is your all-in-one place for learning new ways to create beautiful abstract paintings. Our easy to watch videos help artists learn how to mix color, understand values, and enjoy rich learning experiences.

Jumpstart learning how to paint

See how Art Lessons Now tools and resources help new budding artists  and professional create, grow, and build artistic skills for the future.

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cheryl johnson and jim wildman great artists

We all want to improve as artists regardless of our current artistic skill level. We want to have people notice, like, and buy our art. 

If you want to be an Abstract Expressionist Artist, this course is for you. Are you interested in developing your painting skills? You may want to improve upon your artistic voice. 

I share "Simple Processes That Works." I can help you turn boring paintings into bold paintings that collectors want. Turn your art into great art that creates Happy Customers.

Art Lessons Now for Everyone

Explore videos built by artists for artists that help transform painting and selling your art.

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Art Lessons Now makes it easy to learn how to improve your artistic talents and bring personality and refined abilities to your art. Our methods show you how to plan balanced compositions, create intense value comparisons, and integrate expressive colors. 

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We share how to seamlessly add textures and harmonious elements—no matter where you are in the world, you can learn from us. 


Want help getting started with creating your art? 

Speak with Cheryl Johnson or Jim Wildman, your art teaching experts, who can look at your art and walk you through how to make the most of your skills and use Art Lessons Now to help you achieve your goals. Book a 50-minute session for $50.00

We will use Google Meet, Skype or Zoom. Whatever platform you prefer for a video call or if you prefer we can talk by phone.

Speak with an art advisor


Meet with an advisor

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First do it, then do it right,
then do it better.”

With our exclusive video training, you will learn the following:

color values chart

A successful piece of art communicates an emotion, but more importantly, it causes an emotional reaction from the viewer.

Painting Lessons from Skilled, Professional Master Artists

Values do all the work, and color gets the credit

cheryl johnson image

Cheryl Johnson

jim wildman

Jim Wildman


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ON ALL Lessons and Ebooks and ongoing 

Explore our classes and check out all our lessons.

Two talented artists, Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman approach the same subject with the same paint and techniques producing different yet beautiful results. 

Price for a Bundle All Lessons and Ebooks: $245.00

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Give the gift that you get to keep forever.
Give yourself or a family member a Master ART LESSONS NOW Lifetime Access Membership.

Example of Training You Will Learn


Remember, Values are more important than color. 

Value in art is essentially how light or dark something is on a scale of white to black (with white being the highest value and black being the lowest value). It is widely considered to be one of the most important variables to the success of a painting, even more so than your selection of color (hue).

values chart art lessons now

What Makes a Great Painting?

What makes a painting work for the viewer or be successful is that its composition, color, and subject matter all work harmoniously together to deliver a unified and well-executed artwork. 

painting on easel and color wheel art lessons now

There are some basic characteristics that all good paintings have in common. Layering color is like layering learning. There are  many layers of learning – just as an artist creates many layers  of color in a painting to achieve depth or add contrast. 

It’s important to remember there is no right or wrong theory.
Art is subjective: based on or influenced by your personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. Whether an artwork is good or bad is a matter of personal opinion.


cheryl johnson and jim wildman tornado painting

Create. Paint. Learn. Share. Dream. 

Cheryl and Jim will teach you how to improve your artistic ability and strengthen your skills

Learning the Basics of painting is everything! Learn them, and you will be able to paint any subject and know what colors to use. Gain confidence, and get rid of annoying mistakes. Trust us we have been painting for a lifetime. Painting with an experienced master and instructor, you will learn the most important aspects of mixing colors, creating a balanced composition, using values, creating textures, making strokes and washes, and succeeding in your art.

Painting is a learnable skill. Everyone can drastically improve their painting skills with proper instruction and practice. Simply watching a talented artist paint will help you learn. 

climate change red painting cheryl johnson

Do you want to paint an abstract painting like this one? I show you how in a step-by-step tutorial.

Check out my Secret Forest Lesson: L04

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Remain Exceptional

You can find your artistic voice. Your artwork is a visual expression of your authenticity. It takes courage to pursue your passions, listen, and show what is within you to the outside world. Be real. Making your Art makes you feel alive; however, it also has the same effect on others. 

When someone is moved emotionally by your Art, they will desire and, even sometimes, buy your Art. Your Art is unique. Even if you paint something similar to our examples, no one paints the same way or with the same passion, colors or strokes. Your Art is a gift to the world, and your style is unique.

Learn the basics

Pick a Video that interests you. Paint Along and then start another one.

VIDEO ART LESSONS: See Paintings you like?
Choose that lesson and learn.

Our art lessons will suit artists with any level of painting skills. 

Now you can watch a pre-recorded 

from wherever you are, at your own pace!

Art Books included. Choose from any course or any lesson. Mix and match to find exactly what you need to improve your painting skills. 

Whether you’re interested in recreating the Lessons featured painting or simply learning our techniques of mixing paints. Perhaps you want to try your hand at creating a mixed-media painting using oils, latex, acrylics, pastels, or oil crayons. Art Lessons Now are approachable videos and art tutorials that will guide you through the painting process from start to finish. 

Download and then Access anytime!  

Learn, Practice, Succeed


Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman

Teach the Art Of Painting.

Master Art Classes  


You’ve got skills. Now make them stronger.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to evolve your expert-level art skills discover lessons that fit your individual needs.

art lessons now logo

Online How to Paint video lessons. This is a complete art comprehensive guide to painting for all levels from beginners to professionals.

"Exactly what I needed back when I was learning how to paint." 

Learn more from watching the painting process from start to finish.

values chart art lessons now

What you will learn

paintings by cheryl johnson jim wildman in situ


What you get:

Want to learn how to paint? These painting lessons demonstrate how to paint using several different techniques to create art in many different styles, from photorealism to abstraction.

These painting tutorials focus on using oils, mixed media like latex, acrylics, watercolors, and pastels.

Check out my video courses! for FREE on YOUTUBE

Step-by-Step Painting Lessons

Ready to start learning how to paint stronger paintings that sell? 

Enroll for a One-Time Payment 

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No More Subscriptions or add-on monthly charges.

ALL Lessons, Ebooks, and
ongoing tips and videos
are yours to watch immediately.


Two talented artists approach the same subject with the same paint and techniques producing different yet beautiful results. 

two paintings johnson wildman

Turn your passion into profit and become the artist you were meant to be. Increase Your Skills.

Just follow any of the steps below…

Ahhh, the smell of fresh paint on canvas!


#1 Beginner

If you are a beginner, new painter or an aspiring artist and want to improve your skills and learn to paint, watch the free lesson. 

#2 Refresh Abilities

If you want vital information and want to refresh your skills and enhance your abilities and knowledge, review these in depth guides.

#3 Grow  Your Skills

If you are an artist or painter and ready to refine, explore, and grow your skills as you pursue your passion, review our hints and hacks. 

Have Questions write me directly:

#4 Improve Knowledge

Whether you are a creative pro or want to improve your skills or knowledge, you will enjoy reading more about art and artists.

jim wildman and cheryl johnson art card

"What a Great Course"

"Thanks, Cheryl and Jim. I like your work and learned from watching both of you. You seem to have fun painting together. What a wonderful course! Your paintings are all so unique and different. Your videos have filled in many gaps and I have improved my painting skills considerably." John

Each lesson dives deep into its subject. Refine your skills with instructors who have succeeded in selling their art. Access all materials, videos, and Ebooks you can download and review or print as PDFs.

We all learn differently. Not all of us learn most efficiently from a video. Some of us prefer to learn from a book and the good news is we are giving you over 500 pages of illustrated art knowledge. View, Print, Save. Access Any Time.

Art•Lessons•Now. PURSUE YOUR PASSION. Master Art Class. Learn How to Paint Online. ALN offers an exciting new art lesson online platform. Learn to Paint. No Subscription. Affordable. Paint Along. Experimentation is the key. Buy one lesson at a time. 

Create. Paint. Learn. Share. Dream. 

Cheryl and Jim will teach you how to improve your artistic ability and strengthen your skills.

cheryl johnson gouache painting

ART• LESSONS •NOW is an e-learning teaching site. Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman have inspired artists sharing their talent, skills, and gifts. We are Imagineers and Inventors seeking out ways to help artists. We are passionate influencers. Our core strategic videos and ebooks are designed to help you grow your skills as an artist and help you pursue your passion. 

watercolor painting cheryl johnson

Focus on Contemporary, Abstract, and Abstract Expressionism Art.

Personalized, on-demand learning in the art of painting. ALN teaching style encourages students to find a balance between knowledge of compositional elements, art principles, and the intuitive process of painting. Join Students From Around The World Already Learning On ART•LESSONS•NOW.

cheryl johnson jim wildman paintings group

Expert Instructors. Explore. Experiment with all painting and design techniques. Covering the basic fundamentals: Learn How To Draw And Paint With Art Lessons Now Courses, EBooks, PDF Worksheets. Special Live Instruction And Much More. Our Videos Clearly, Concisely & Expertly Explain Art Concepts and Principles. Free Lessons. View Courses.

art lessons now logo

We are different. WE WANT YOU TO PAINT ALONG.

We deliver results, from sharing how and what to use that breathes life into your paintings. 

We encourage you to have fun and experiment. 

We offer Videos, eBooks, and Books in Print, PDF's to enhance your knowledge. 

Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your painting skills, 

ART LESSONS NOW will help you grow your painting skills.

cheryl johnson art card and painting

Painting Video Tutorials: Download and watch anytime, anywhere.  Stream on your smartphone, personal computer, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. 

cheryl johnson



Cheryl Johnson is a bestselling passionate abstract expressionist artist, a skilled instructor and teacher. 

Over100,000 people have watched:

 SEE: Cheryl Johnson's FREE painting tutorials on YouTube.  

cheryl johnson graphic
jim wildman



Jim Wildman is an artist, trained architect, professional craftsman and woodworker who moved easily into fine arts and painting. Architecture is at the heart of Wildman’s thinking as an artist. 

SEE: Jim Wildmans Free painting Videos on YouTube.

Now, our ALN customers are reaping the benefits of DOWNLOADING. You simply purchase the Lesson and its yours for life. Save the URL of  our ALN page so you can come back.

 You no longer need internet access to view content — you can simply download a video class and watch from anywhere. 

“We have people who download our classes to their iPhone or iPad and then get on an airplane and watch it as a TV show. We have received nothing but rave reviews — with a 5-star rating on Google Play, and 4.9 on the Apple Store.

Transform your painting. Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman Teach the Art of Painting. Two unique artists with different styles and techniques share their skills and talent with you. You're not just learning methods and techniques, you're learning how to take your painting to the next level. Pursue Your Passion.


IF you learn better by reading...

Read Cheryl's 

Two great PDF Books

color tips book cover cheryl johnson
values book cover cheryl johnson

Values The Creative Advantage: Values Are More Important Than Color

257 pages of valuable information. Download and use as reference.

Coming in Print Soon!

color tips chart  cover cheryl johnson

EMAIL ME directly, and I will share another Free Color Tip idea that you will want.

Use These Tips On Your Next Great Painting

As an artist and creator, you are full of big ideas, and we believe the best way to get those ideas into the world is by using color effectively. 

When you start with a well-designed composition and balanced color, your paintings will be stronger and more exciting. 

Be sure and review the Color Module Lesson

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If you do not see it appear in your main email inbox, check your spam or promotions folders. You can also drop us a line at any time and ask questions. 

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