We are artists, writers and imagineers. We have a strong core team. We are family. We are growing organically from seeing a need by artists for better and clearer art training.

We found beginners want to learn how to paint, intermediates want to refine their skills and professionals want to explore new ideas.

We have you all covered.

We are a collective of simply artists who love what we do. We believe in creativity, efficiency, transparency and a good sense of humor.

View our work. Then take a lesson.

Cheryl and Jim


Because we believe that at one time or another most people go to Youtube to explore, learn or just peruse. Everyone loves to learn. We do and we went to Youtube and then we created a few Youtube Videos and had such great response we decided to offer art lessons ourselves. We constantly hear from artists. who are tired of paying such high prices for art lessons. They want to learn from real artists and they want to watch step by step process and most like to paint along. So please join us. We are just starting, but have big dreams. We love painting and will share with you tips and techniques and explore creating art together.

We love the freedom of this exciting new learning world, but we know what a headache it can be for artists to find inspiration, training and insight.

Hello Artists Everywhere Around the World!

Ready to learn about the fundamentals of painting, marketing and sales trends your art practice should implement NOW!

Let's have fun together!


Master Art Class. ALN offers an exciting new art lesson online platform. Learn to Paint. Paint Along. Experimentation is the key. Focus on Abstract Art and other styles.

Abstract painting is freedom. Creative bold gestural art that explores emotion, color, composition, values and refinement to produce dynamic and original art for you to sell or enjoy.

Revive your Life through Creativity. Taught by two extraordinary artists, Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman. Personalized, on-demand learning in the art of painting. ALN teaching style encourages students to find a balance between knowledge of compositional elements and the intuitive process of painting. Join Students From Around The World Already Learning On ART LESSONS NOW. Expert Instructors.


ALN Art Lessons Now

Art Lessons Now is the inspiration of North Carolina artist Cheryl Johnson. After years of being a successful business person and entrepreneur, she retired to paint full time. Now tapping into her extensive experience as a teacher and writer, Cheryl shares her talent and skills with the launch of ALN —Art•Lessons•Now. Additionally, Jim Wildman has joined ALN as a talented senior artist and master craftsman.

As an instructor, Cheryl is acclaimed for her artistic talent, unique perspective on self-expression, and the creative process. Her creative energy is enhanced by building her own unique lesson plans and painting exercises for students as she instructs them. She introduces her students to works by many famous and contemporary abstract artists. An example would be exploring the life and works of abstract expressionist artists such as Joan Mitchell or Agnes Martin.

Cheryl’s teaching style encourages students to find a balance between knowledge of compositional elements and the intuitive process of painting. After selecting an artist or a style both Cheryl and Jim, in a collaborative teaching style, create a new painting with a lesson on how they mastered the technique and style of that particular painting.

Working with oil, acrylic, encaustic beeswax, pigments, mixed media, collage, and assemblage, they will incorporate many techniques. Applications include mark-making, loose brush strokes, drip paint methods, and impasto.

Colors range from bold and bright to muted or monochromatic. The substrates can be a variety of canvas, wood panel, or archival paper. Surfaces can be characterized by textured, smooth, thick, layers, opaque, luminous, or a combination of all. The developed use of glazes and final finishes strengthen the quality.

Cheryl is a gifted teacher with a gentle and encouraging approach. Her demonstrations guide you through her process of creating beautifully suggested images with broken color woven together with a rich variety of paint applications. She stresses restraint and creative editing along with thoughtful , careful painting.


“I have found Cheryl’s and Jim's Lessons to be wonderful. They are reminders of the solid fundamentals of painting and most importantly, that producing good paintings that are within my reach as an artist."

We all want to loosen our paintings. Regardless of whether you work in acrylic or oil, values are the foundation. Everything is made up of patterns of value shapes. This comprehensive four day workshop is designed to focus on using these values to create looser portrait paintings.

Cheryl and Jim will share tips and techniques learned from years of working in the various mediums. Their spontaneous and fun teaching style will enrich the painting skills of beginners and advanced artists alike as they demonstrate their painting techniques. Cheryl and Jim will also demonstrate painting the portrait from a model or photograph and share valuable insight into the differences between working from life versus photos.

Students will learn: essential materials and how to use them, what photographs make the best references for portrait painting, editing (what you leave out is just as important as what you keep in), color mixing tips, and how to recognize value patterns and use them. Students will also learn the importance of edges when loosening up your painting.

As an artist, Cheryl paints primarily in abstract expressionism which simply means she uses paint and other tools to express externally her inner thoughts and emotions. Her process begins by meditating and journaling, then she will go directly to the canvas and begin painting without having any expectation or idea what the final product will be. She builds layer after layer. Do you want to learn how to layer? Watch Lesson 10: Layer Layer

Art Lessons Now - Pursue your passion

Cheryl as the founder of Art Lessons Now, offers an exciting new art lesson online platform.

Cheryl created learning and content as well as videos as she was stimulated by the number of people that watched her Youtube videos and asked for more.

Seeing a need, Cheryl welcomed the opportunity to share her talents and experience as a successful professional artist who lives her passion.

Cheryl’s goal is to empower and inspire as she teaches fundamental skills and techniques will take your artwork farther. Her online programs provide artistic, business and creative coaching and interactive mentoring to artists.

With over 40 years working in creative related industries, Cheryl has developed a systematic approach that brings authenticity, spontaneity, and joy back into the creative process.

Cheryl shares her passion and loves to speak and write on the subject of creativity, and inspiration.

Johnson’s paintings are displayed online and in gallery exhibitions, International Art Fairs, and in numerous private and corporate collections in both the United States and Europe.


– How to open yourself to creativity as you identify and move through the different learning stages of art

– How to integrate your refined knowledge into your uniqueness

– How to choose preferences for your artwork that will help you develop your unique voice and style

As you learn and are exposed to new methods and techniques and also as you rehearse fundamental principles your creativity and confidence will increase.

– You will learn to enjoy that it is ok to play and let your intuition flow

– No matter what stage of your career you are in, you will find nuggets of information and jewels of wisdom to cherish and nurture for your entire career.

BIO: Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson is a contemporary painter born in Kellogg, Idaho. She is best known for her abstract compositions layered in textured brushstrokes, layered pools of paint and beautiful faces and forms. Cheryl received a B.A. in art from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1969 and an M.A. from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1971. In 2008, she traveled to Kauai, Hawaii, bringing her into collaboration with local artists. Cheryl periodically returns to Hawaiian Islands, finding inspiration for her work in the people, the landscape, and the Hawaiian culture. Cheryl lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Link to CherylJohnsonartst.com

ALN-Art Instruction Videos and Training help you create gallery worthy paintings.

Creating art, inspiring life out of light and shadow, is just the beginning. Together we will look at the world and see things differently! Embracing the unknown, we will be inspired by our passion.

Cheryl Johnson Master Art Class teaches the Art of Painting and guides you to create art that you are passionate about and brings you joy.

Explore all the ways you are unique. You may have put your creative energy away for a while however, creativity is not something we ever lose. Perhaps we just need to bring it out and plant it anew. Perhaps your creativity has been like a packet of seeds waiting for the season to change to plant.

Perhaps it is something that you have not thought about and you may have overlooked the idea of growing your skills. It is still inside you waiting to come out of the unused corner of your being. Creativity is like a seed that remains quietly within us all, patiently waiting, to be watered and nurtured. It is just below the surface of things now.”

BIO: Jim Wildman

Jim Wildman, is a mixed media contemporary realist painter, sculptor, and master woodworker who lives and works in Claremore, Oklahoma. For more than a decade Jim served as a member of the United States Marine Corp. He is a distinguished combat veteran and a graduate of Oklahoma State University School of Architecture. In addition, to painting Jim has a custom woodworking business, JWDesigns. His Works are both realistic portraits and abstracts. Signature series consists of strong faces created with both palette knife and brush work. Sculptures are wood combines, 3D panels, and carvings. His works are sought after by architects, interior designers, and collectors worldwide.

Jim Wildman creates a unique combination of new digital media art as well as impactful paintings created on various substrates: canvas, panels, and paper. His paintings are mostly portraits, abstract, or landscapes created in oil, encaustic or cold wax.

He uses a bold, expressive, layering of paint to bring our eye to the heart of his paintings.

His “Gestural and Pull” paintings are influenced by the Abstract Expressionist art movement and specifically inspired by contemporary masters Gerhard Richter and Pierre Soulage.

Jim Wildman Artist Statement

"Designing and building fine furniture and creating art gives me an opportunity to share my skill, tell a story, and engage the senses. I am a craftsman and enjoy the challenge of combining wood or paint into a treasured, finished whole. Designing and making things by hand is a pleasure and also my profession. Exploring and utilizing various wood types or art mediums such as oil, acrylic, and watercolor enliven both my life and my work. Daily I am surrounded by the textures of wood and the smell of sawdust or paint. A guiding force in my work is the belief that furniture or art built well will last forever. My woodworking is noted for using hardwoods made with precise joinery and a variety of surface finishes. As a Woodworker and Artist, I take pride in each piece I build or paint.

When painting I enjoy the serendipity of chance happenings as layers evolve. Creating artworks with unique surface treatment with a tactile quality is one of my gifts. I have developed painting techniques which come from my study as an architect, where one builds upon what has come before. Combining translucent and opaque colors layered with cold wax and encaustic wax is my primary method.

Yes, using a squeegee or a piece of wood to smooth and build areas is painting to me. It is my method of allowing something emotional to take form and be shared with others. My abstract nature paintings are in essence constructed landscapes influenced by my architectural training.

My paintings are places I imagine or locations I hope to explore. My layering technique has parallels to the design process in architecture where more ideas and details are added over time to create a more exacting and exciting construction.

For me, woodworking is about perfection and finishing. Creating a painting has to do with serendipity. In painting, I like using a squeegee or rubber blade, where I can manipulate, make marks or remove paint.

Additionally, I enjoy using the computer to create artworks and have found digital art to be challenging and rewarding as you are not limited by anything but your imagination.

Inspiration comes from my surroundings, family, environment, travels, and emotions.

"Make It Beautiful! Build it to Last!" is the guiding force behind all of my work.”

Both artists seek out new ideas and perspectives to expand their repertoire of work.

Cheryl teaches more than the practical skills of her craft—she also teaches her unique perspective and shares life experiences that have made her a successful artist.

Jim offers insights that are unique as he imparts his knowledge honed after years of study both in architecture and in life.

What you get

ALN Art Lessons Now will help you hone your skills and find new ways of thinking and creating.

Become the painter you want to be!

Video Courses

The lessons and video courses are a logically sequenced set of comprehensive courses that feature clear instruction without any assumptions on prior knowledge or experience.

Illustrated Ebooks

Each ebook features a step by step breakdown of course demonstrations that you can reference while watching the course video or print out. (Over 1000 pages)

Creative Transformation Begins With: Videos, E-Books, Painting Exercises

Cheryl encourages participants to explore painting techniques and methods.

Discover your future, share your passion. Take your passion and imagination to new directions you never dreamed possible. Be Unique, Be Original.

One of the best parts about Art Lessons Now is the ability to reach artists around the world. Our mission is to share the process of painting and creating art in a fun, informative and useful way.

Find more balance in your life this year, with help from Art Lessons Now. A well-painted story or image can change the world.

Cheryl has had a lifelong love of art and creativity. As the Art Lessons Now educational content creator and painter, she acknowledges what an incredible privilege it is to use her experience and passion to create surprising, magical training moments that inspire and connect us all.

The goal or Art•Lessons•Now is to build a strong online artist community of enthusiastic, open and supportive artists: a site that welcomes all artists regardless of age or level of experience.

Reaching across the continents, Cheryl and Jim are encouraging artists to work together, to build a community where artists from around the world come together to communicate and share: ALN is a welcoming place of continuous learning and personal development.

This art community will evolve - However, I know we want the founding members to help determine the direction.

We welcome our students to share their innovative ideas and suggestions.

If you are seeing Art Lessons Now is right for you. Simply select a lesson that challenges or intrigues you.

  • The cost of lessons will vary based on length of content and number of videos included.

  • Each month the Blog will discuss a new art topic or artist based on suggestions and questions suggested by group members.

  • A monthly newsletter will feature the techniques and work of guest artists

  • Past newsletters and videos will be archived for community members to read and watch at their leisure.

  • There will be a Q & A chat area for anyone to comment on.

  • But most of all, there will be an active, engaged and supportive Facebook community that means you will never feel alone again.

  • We hope that as the community grows, artists will meet in person and together we can plan creative workshops and organize gallery showings and events.


Marlene Affeld, Writer, Editor, Corporate Communications Specialist

Bonnie Lupton, ALN Corporate Photographer

Robin Allison Clisby, UK International Curator, Artist, Author

Felicity, Budding Artist

Values do all the work and color gets the credit

Values are the key to painting great paintings


We invest our time and energy in bold creative people who want to learn how to paint.

We explore transformative ideas to help you understand, value, and, create art.

We are inviting you to join a community of changemakers who want to expand their artistic abilities.

Explore our lessons ideas and projects.

Try us. You will love the Art• Lessons•Now Experience.

Quality Training. Better Step by Step Process.

More Skill. More Sales

From new artists just starting their painting careers to seasoned professionals who want to step out to explore a new method. Or possibly your are a housewife who always wanted to paint or a soldier leaving the military and you want to create art instead of war. Perhaps you are a business manager pursuing you real passion. Or you could be a women returning to work after a break and you want to expand your career choices. Maybe you are retired or a man who wants to explore your hidden talents.

Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman help people develop their artistic skills as they explore painting.

A "Team Teaching" approach that simply works. Jim and Cheryl are skilled artists and great teachers. They will guide you through the process of creating and share with you a concrete plan for becoming a skilled artist. Let them guide you as you take your painting careers to the next level.


We are artists, painting savants, experience experts,
and passionate people.

Our goal is to build the industry-leading Art Lessons Platform that increases your painting skills and art knowledge so you can maximize your artistic journey.

More reasons to choose ALN

We Are A One Of A Kind Unique Training Resource For The Art World

ALN teachers are real artists and working creatives.

We are skilled experts eager to share our talent and expertise.

We are experienced creative professionals with tips, techniques and skills to demonstrate.

At Art• Lessons•Now we offer an extensive suite of lessons, resources and
responsive support to help you
in your artistic journey.

Helping Artists Create Their Own Opportunities
Thru Online Learning-Anyplace-Anytime

Learn Anywhere

What will you be learning in each lesson?

Why is ALN different?

In each STUDIO - Lesson we demonstrate how to create a specific painting or review the style of a specific artist showing techniques to paint like artists you love.

We show you how to step out of your comfort zone and experiment , "play", "explore" and "clarify" where you want to take your art.

We will show you in a step by step process in each video lesson how each painting develops, what materials we use. Paint along and create a painting you will love.

In the end you we each wil have created a painting that is totally unique.

Most importantly you do not just watch us paint we share why we did what we did and how it made a difference.

See products, tools, and paint we use that you can purchase.

Every lesson is unique. You will us overcome challenges, get stuck, get unstuck, edit out the things that do not add value, and subtlety finesse the areas you love.

We encourage you to paint along and do the follow-up painting assignments. We include an overview summary of the steps to make your understanding, perception of line, color, and value stronger.

You will also have access to written materials, other videos that we have found that add meaning and clarity.

What you will get. A complete understanding of how to use color, values and ways to improve your composition.

Additionally, if you choose to paint along you will have an opportunity to create your one of a kind piece of art.

Get inspired.

Then enjoy creating.

Check out some amazing paintings from student to spark your imagination. Then express your own unique vision by posting your art in our student gallery.

You Too Can Create
Incredible Paintings

When you plan your layout or design, your paintings will turn out just the way you dreamed or envisioned them!

If you feel the call or energy creating with an electric candy-colored palette will offer viewers a sense of energy and psychic unrest.

Abstract paintings express the inexpressible.


Live a more enriched life.

Improve your artistic skills and knowledge.

ALN offers one or many lessons at an affordable price.

Also look around through the ALN Website and read our Blog and Studio Tips we provide many FREE sources of information and learning layered throughout the site. We built our site like we paint—in LAYERS.

Learn Many uses of Medium : Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Encaustic, Encaustic Monotype, Oil/Cold Wax and Acrylic/Mixed Media, Latex Mixed Media

Endless experimentation and exploration!

Cheryl Johnson, Master Artist and founder of Art•Lessons•Now.

The Power Of Values in Life and Art Is No Secret.

Unfortunately, it's also no secret how complicated it can be for beginners and younger artists. Life is full of challenges. We all need schoolinng in life and our craft.

Many of our Values we learn as children from our parents. This is true for Values in Art, not only what we value in our art career but how we use values in our art to create contrast, differences and strenght.

The most powerful techniques of mastering life or art have not been explained well. This is especially true for artists and therefore are never discovered by amateurs, who simply don't know they exist. Many professional artist will also appreciate all the wonderful information you will find in our Value sModule.

For example, did you know that there's a way to change your values and use contrast to increase interest and move your eye to the focal point on your painting ?

  • The eye goes to the highest contrast areas of darks and lights.

There's no simple way to find these tips and tricks and fundamentals if you don't know they exist. And we alway do not have a handy manual to learn things quickly.

Which is why we creating a series of videos and ebooks on Values that will become your trusted source and referral manual.

Purchase the Complete Value Module Today. 257 pages full of information, tips, tricks and generous ideas about having a better life and finding More Joy Every Day.

Creative Transformation Begins With: Videos, E-Books, Painting Exercises

Explore Painting Techniques and Methods.

Discover Your Future, Share Your Passion.

Take your passion and imagination to

new directions you never dreamed possible.

Be Unique, Original.

One of the best part about Art• Lessons•Now is seeing what artists around the world create. Our mission is to share the process of painting and creating art in a fun informative and useful way. Find more balance in your life this year, with help from Art•Lessons•Now. A well painted story or image can change the world. Thank you for letting us help you in your artistic journey.

I’ve had a life long love of art and creativity. As the Art•Lessons•Now creator and painter, it’s an incredible privilege to use that passion professionally to create surprising, magical training moments that inspire and connect us all.

Goal: To build the web's best online artist community. Unite and build a community of open, enthusiastic and supportive artists. A place where any artist - whatever their age or, level of experience. A place where all artists over the world can come to talk to others who understand. A place of continuous learning. A place of personal development. A community in the best sense of the word.

I am not 100% sure how this community will evolve - I want the founding members to help me decide that. And no matter what ideas I have now, I'm pretty sure things will evolve i the coming months. BUT, here's the general idea:

An experience personalized for you

  • Learn best practices
    We’ll share personalized recommendations for growing your artistic skills, based on what’s worked for our top painters.

  • Get support
    Our team acts as frontline support for your questions, and passing along your users’ feedback.

Gain personal benefits by joining a community of other artists. Share your work. Comment. Be inspired.

As your practice grows, you’ll gain more benefits from the complete program offerings.

Wondering how to find your confidence. Desire to explore other styles and mediums.

ALN Explores: What is my artistic voice? Will I make money selling my art?

Art marketing issues, business tips, dealing with success, and overcoming rejection. ALN artists have been through it all and are here to share what they learned along the way. WE ARE ALL POISED TO HELP YOU.

Pursue your education.

When researchers look at older populations, education stands out. As of 2014, more than 80% of Americans older than 65 had at least a high school degree. While a diploma with your name on it won’t magically add years to your life, the process of learning about yourself and the world is thought to teach skills and strategies needed for a healthier, more meaningful life. Going back to school could not only be a financial investment, but a health investment, too. Read More.

Art • Lessons • Now

ALN—the online art lesson platform offering insights to creating impactful paintings.

Practical knowledge tips; and techniques to help you succeed as an artist.

Do you want to be an artist
and learn to paint?

Whether you’re a longtime professional artist looking to expand your abilities and build your practice, or an emerging artist seeking artistic guidance, or simply a zealous painter wanting to grow your skills, ALN is right for you.

Learn from a Master Art Instructors

Cheryl Johnson Artist


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