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L02 - Allure

Paintings that sell.

Learn Why! Length: 1:58:28. Follow the step-by-step methods Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman share how to paint in a unique abstract style. Both artists Offer tips on composition and how to combine oil, acrylic, and latex.  

"This painting SOLD as soon as it went up to a client in Italy. " Learn how to paint one with similar techniques. Paint Along

Price $35.00

Price: $35.00


Paint to Sell Allure

Duration: 1:14

4 Videos

Paint to Sell Allure

L02-Allure Part A Cheryl Johnson ALN

L02- Allure Part B Cheryl Johnson ALN

L02-Allure Part C Cheryl Johnson ALN

L02- Allure Part D Jim Wildman demonstrates two different paintings.


Paint Along and take your painting to the next level. Watch both artists as they create their unique abstract paintings of shapes and combine latex and oils.

Both artists, Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman's show step by step method to create a painting that fascinates. 

Learn essential methods, techniques, and tips to creating a wonderful abstract painting of water.

Two talented artists approach the same subject with the same paint and techniques producing different yet beautiful results. 

See what you can create. 

Join Us. Paint Along.

Cheryl Johnson

Jim Wildman 

What You'll Get

Key Takeaways:

Any time! Watch as many times as you want. 

Come back and review your favorite parts.

Different Videos all for one Low Price.

Almost Two Hours of Content


We paint using shape and form.

In this painting, we are exploring the power of shapes, color, and texture. 

What We'll Cover

Together Cheryl and Jim will be demonstrating the power of layering colors and balancing the composition through the strategic placement of shapes combined with color. We will explore the principles of layering colors and share how you can feel free to mix your colors to create new values and shapes.

Our goal is to show you how to boldly explore shapes in a painting and show you how to master layers.

Together, we'll explore and capture:


Our LIVE, HANDS-ON  Master Art Class is simply the *fastest* way to learn to paint.

The Course includes: Almost Two Hours of Training.

Video: Length Time (1:57 Minutes) 7 videos all for one price). 

All Lessons are recorded and available.

In this course, you’ll learn:

✔︎ The fastest route to creating a painting that is filled with emotion

✔︎ The ONE THING you need to have in order to learn is a can-do attitude.

✔︎ How-to steps are easy to follow.

✔︎ How to create a successful, painting is amazing

✔︎ How ALN works to make each of these steps as simple as possible

Now You Can Learn to paint at your own pace and in your own home.

ALN provides you a wonderful way to expand your artistic abilities. 

Now that we are staying in place and you are not able to travel to an art workshop ALN provides video art lessons as an immediate way to enhance your skills and pursue your passion.

ALN videos can be watched over and over to really understand the course material. 

Making art is so relaxing, rewarding, and fun. Painting is a great de-stressor.

Allure N°2019016 


Size: 48 W x 30 H x 1.6 in

Mixed Media Oil an Latex on Canvas

Allure In Blue_Seduction_ N°2020004


Size: 48 W x 30 H x 1.2 in

JW_Allure1-Fascination_N°2020M21 S  

Size: 30 W x 30 H x .1 in

Mixed Media Oil an Latex on Canvas

JWAllure2_Attraction_N°2020M20 S  

Size: 30 W x 40 H x .1 in

Mixed Media Oil an Latex on Canvas

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