Art Advisers

50 Minute Appointments are $50.00

Let Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman help you with your art. We will enjoy talking to you in a Google Meet or Zoom, or Skype call. We want to help you with ways to grow your artistic voice as you improve your painting skills.

Just tell us what platform you use.

You can find out how an Art Advisor can help you. 

Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman offer critiques and suggestions to help artists. We are here to help beginners aspiring creatives, and professional artists who want to increase their knowledge and become better artists and painters by guiding you through the painting set and answering specific questions about your art. There are a variety of ways that we can help you in a focused, one-on-one setting.

Let us know where you need help moving your art forward.

50 Minute Appointments are $50.00


How can Art Lessons Now help me grow my artistic skills and become a better painter and sell more art?

Which can I do today that will make my art better?

How can Cheryl Johnson or Jim Wildman help me work more effectively and efficiently? 

We are here to help you

What can I do today to improve my art?

I am a new artist. Can you help me improve my artistic skills and paint my first painting?

I have been painting for a while, but my work has yet to sell or my sales are slow.

How do I know why my paintings are not working and selling?

Step-by-step guidance

Schedule a video call with us and get recommendations customized to your goals

We will schedule a call with you and ask you to send us a sample of your work or a link to your website. Whether you are new to painting or already a painter, we’ll want to do research in advance of the appointment to come prepared with recommendations based on seeing your work. Then we will answer your questions and walk through ways to improve your art and make the most of your skills. 

Get started by scheduling an Art Advisors' appointment today. 

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