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EBook 1-
Values the Creative Advantage

Values do the work, and color takes the credit

EBook: Learn by reading—illustrated ebook. Cheryl Johnson, a consummate teacher and writer has written this valuable artist's resource guide. 

223 pages. Values Are More Important Than Color

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Cheryl Johnson -
Teaches Values The Creative Advantage



Values The Creative Advantage:
Values Are More Important Than Color

223 pages of valuable information. 

Download and use it as a great reference book. 

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In this Values Module, Cheryl Johnson identifies and analyzest he principles and fundamentals of Values. This is one of the most important art reference books for artists today. There are seven elements in art. They are color, form, line, shape, space,texture, and VALUE.

In the author’s own words, this work is intended to be “an informative, orderly, clear, and simple analysis of the term

VALUE which is a key element in art upon which all visual art is built”. This lesson in values is essential for all visual artists and designers.

Color takes the credit and Values do all the work.

Values are more important than color.

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