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Learn the Basics

We share Fundamental Painting Principles explained in a clear, concise and easy way to understand. We do not teach you ‘How to paint ’ but instead we will teach you the skills you need to paint anything you like.

  • Work at your own pace, in your own time and watch and rewatch the lessons as often as you like.

  • Suitable for absolute beginners, intermediates and professional painters.

  • Our library of lessons will grown over time.

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  • We create courses based on your feedback.

  • Just let us know what you would like to paint:


How We Started

ART•LESSONS•NOW —ALN is a spin-off company from Cheryl Johnson Artist

  • Art • Lessons • Now is about improving your artistic skills.

  • It’s about sharing your vision and passion.

  • ALN is Knowledge, Resources, and Inspiration.

  • It’s about helping you to share what inspires and brings your life joy.

  • Join a community of people just like you who want to improve their art.

Ways to Learn

  • Inspirational Articles, Interviews, Tutorials and Snippets, Short Tips

  • An ever-growing resource library filled with useful, inspirational, educational and practical articles, tips, interviews, and lists.

Learn From Quick Summary:

  • Color Theory, Values, Edges, Fine Detail, Under Paintings, Differences, and so much more for you to quickly review.

We encourage you to paint with hands-on practice with various mediums types; acrylics, oil, pastels on various substrates, canvas, panel and papers.

Whatever You Want To Learn To Paint From The Whimsical World Of Geometry And Color To Abstract Landscapes — We Have A Lesson To Help You.

Do you feel like you keep on sort of starting and stopping and perhaps just dabbling in your art, but you're really not making any progress?


When we were first inspired to create Art•Lessons•Now we had no idea that we would go from creating simple Youtube videos to a complete company offering videos, podcasts, ebooks,and pdf worksheets. From a scrawled script to a global training platform, ALN emerged.

What we did know, is that we wanted to do things differently. We wanted to make a positive impact. We wanted to have fun. We wanted to create a distinct mark on the art world. We wanted to help nurture the creative spark and provide real, easy to follow methods on how to paint and know why you are doing something.

Well, it’s been quite a journey so far. As we celebrate our launch of the website and placement on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, we are taking a special look behind the scenes of the culture and creativity that make the idea unique. We want it to be an extraordinary experience for you.

  • A business is nothing more or less than its people, and fittingly the ALN Ebooks have been touched and massaged by the entire team.

At our heart, it is the story of the individuals and family team members who have researched, applauded, created, and reinvented the idea of team teaching and paint- along art lessons. We are pushing our ALN - More Joy Every Day brand into the future.

Our strength is that together we have an immense capacity for learning and then digesting complex concepts and theories and transforming them into clear and actionable ideas we can share with you.

"I’m so proud of the individuals and everyone who’ve been behind the scenes making our website and content into what it is today: each are artists themselves. All are very creative individuals with drive, enthusiasm and confidence. We all agree. This is going to work and be exciting for people to watch and learn, read and reinforce, and most importantly paint. Have fun painting and exploring."

We have many surprises in store with Art•Lessons•Now, keep your eyes peeled on artlessonsnow.com and our social channels in the coming months. In the meantime, order our complete Ebooks and be prepared for more to come.

By themselves, the Ebooks are crammed full of content designed to give you key points of information to make you a stronger artist.

If you can imagine or dream it, we can help you create it with Art•Lessons•Now. We want to be your first choice when you want to learn how to paint a specific style or use a new technique.

We will help you with Art Principles and Fundamentals and share with you Design Secrets and so much more to help you grow your skills, confidence, artistic vision, and voice.

We believe every great painting starts with Design and Planning. When you know ways to overcome challenges, you will be able to focus on your painting skills and most importantly Pursue Your Passion.

Our goal is to create high-level art education and specifically help you focus on painting art you want to create that is authentic, powerful and impactful. Create art that draws people in and sells. We want our lessons to be easy to understand and encourage you to paint along.


At ALN we tackle many subjects from technical skills to fundamental knowledge to hands on painting and offer suggestions on supplies to buy. We look at many sides of how and why you paint, taking our resources and expertise wherever we feel we can make the most difference in your art world.

There are so many challenges facing artists today. We believe that by bringing the right people together and taking an entrepreneurial approach, we can create positive change. This is what sets ALN apart, and enables us to tackle lots of art subjects – not just one.


Not only is ALN an interesting concept, it also has been a labor of love. We hope, a stunning execution that challenges our understanding of what is possible. Through a creative blend of video and Ebooks, the site immerses the user into an engaging artistic learning experience.

We know how frustrating it can be to learn the principles of painting and creating art. We share stories about artists and painters who will inspire you. Information is everywhere, however we know that concise and good information is hard to come by. We have done the research and provide lessons and EBooks to support each course. We frequently publish blog articles on artists and concepts and provide quick short tips that cover marketing and much more. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list for updates and exclusive tips.

Do you desire to explore your creative impulses? Do you want to learn how to paint but are uncertain what to use, or have no idea where to start? ALN courses will teach you all the basics of tools, supplies, and the fundamentals of painting. Subjects are so vast we can not include them all here, but we concentrate on design, color, and values.

We include color mixing, composition, how to start a painting, how to use your supplies. and much more!

If you want to try your hand at painting and wish to capture the elusive beauty of applying paint to canvas, we know you will enjoy our classes. Learn how to paint stunning abstract landscapes, abstract expressionist paintings, figurative styles, and so many proven and highly effective techniques we have mastered. We love to experiment. Experiment with us and have fun.

How We Are Different And Unique

Art is one of the highest forms of communication. At its core, it's all about connection: connection with the viewer to the dreams and passions of the artist. Connection is touching someone visually with beauty and emotion.

Co-teaching is basically when two artists approach the same subject and painting then create their unique vision. Your vision will be unique also. There are no absolute rules. We alternate back and forth as we offer you lessons.

One artist may instruct while another paints. Perhaps one of us is modeling the artistic process, the other is executing the concept.

Boy, we are very lucky art teachers! We get to co-teach exciting lessons, and have fun. The result is a finished work of art. Co-teaching with an artistic colleague is great! You get to know each other’s teaching style, and you take turns teaching your content, give suggestions, and provide directions. Since there are two of us teaching the same techniques and concepts, students benefit.


We Are Constantly Thinking Outside The Paint Box

First we are artists. Second, we are art instructors or teachers. We are positive motivators and share ways to improve not only your art, but your life. Together the ALN team sets goals for a course module, designs a syllabus, plans, and prepares individual lessons that include videos and E-Workbooks.

  • We make the best use of our unique individual abilities, interests, and expertise.

  • In each of our lessons or tutorials we will go deep into a certain art topic, such as how to mix colors without turning everything to mud.

  • Featured articles and blogs will include: Master painting methods, focusing on artists we love, spotlight techniques, how to's, supplies to consider, and much more.

  • We include Tips and Key Takeaways in each lesson for easy reference.

  • We offer complete modules or individual lessons.

  • We offer easy ways to improve your paintings with Ebooks.

  • We believe two heads are better than one.

  • Team teaching for ALN requires a delicate balance of give and take between artists and co-teachers to collectively deliver a lesson. Together we actively engage in conversation, not just lecture.

  • We have fun. You will enjoy each lesson and enjoy the painting process.

  • Lessons are designed for you to paint along.

  • We welcome your suggestions for what to paint next and what artist you would like to review.

  • Because we each have an individual method and style, you will benefit doubly.

  • We encourage you to—

We Pool Our Resources And Combine Our Talents

We have devised a team approach where Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman team to share the process of painting. We will also be interviewing guest artists and create Podcasts to inform and delight you. We will be selecting a way to approach a specific painting with each lesson. Our selection will be influenced by your requests and also covering specific styles or artists. We are skilled in multiple styles, realism, landscape, figurative, and abstract. Predominantly we will be focusing on Abstract Expressionism. We will share step-by-step techniques and processes to help you from start to finish.

We want to help you with everything you need to create and paint. Wherever you're inspired. we want to be there to help you.

  • Everyday painting methods made easy to follow and easy to understand.
    Our methods make it easy to play with color and effects and to reimagine the art of painting.

  • Design comes first. All our design projects start with planning. We use simple, easy to follow steps.

  • Wherever you are, here, there, or anywhere, you can watch and learn at any time.

You will receive a total in depth approach and comprehensive learning experience that covers theory, application and painting practices.

The theory we offer will cover the fundamentals. We will help you learn what to do first, then what goes on behind each stroke of the brush.

We will teach you how to translate the theory onto your canvas. You will learn how to loosen up, be brave, and use your brush like an extension of your arm. You will learn how to communicate your dreams and ideas onto canvas.

Art•Lessons•Now will consolidate your learning and help you make decisions instinctively. You will paint along as we will suggest exercises which feel challenging and exciting, but not impossible. We want you to express what you want to say with clarity, precision and passion.


Welcome to the Getting Started with ALN. This lesson introduces you to Art•Lessons•Now - Our philosophy and goals.

Paint And Create Anything You Can Imagine

Learn the basics and refine your skills with painting lessons designed to inspire and help you unleash your passion. When you are finished with a lesson, you will walk away with a completed painting.

We want you to Pursue Your Passion and discover More Joy Every Day when you are creating art. We want learning to paint to be fun.

We want you to Pursue Your Passion and discover More Joy Every Day when you are creating art. We want learning to paint to be fun.