Learn How To Paint Beautiful,

Impactful Art That

Only You Can Create.

Learn to Mix Colors Easily.

You Can Become The Artist You Are Meant To Be.

An avant-garde artist, Cheryl Johnson introduces artists to art principles and elements; teaching her cross-disciplinary creative process.

  • Learn how we catch ideas, translate them into a painting narrative, and move beyond formulaic painting.

  • Jim Wildman partners with Cheryl Johnson to bring another perspective.

Expand your own artistic expression in any medium. Paint Along.


Our vision is to provide art lessons that are fun to watch; lessons that provide salient content with original art, exceptional ideas, and tips.

We offer secure unprecedented pricing for the highest quality, easy to understand lessons. Follow along with online art training.

Human beings are so inventive and creative and we want to help give you wings.

We celebrate your unique exceptionalism.

There’s no secret to how the best artists become the best.

They study under the best.

You have a chance to learn from Cheryl Johnson, a highly accomplished artist,

Want to learn to paint faces? Cheryl can show you how.

If you are a contemporary artists who is passionate about realism, driven to create masterpieces, and who wishes to refine your skills, take Cheryl's class on About Face!

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Do You Struggle With Your Painting?

Is mixing colors complicated for you?

Are you struggling to know what to do next?

Did your last marketing effort flop in trying to sell your art?

Do you need a common vision to unite your work?

Is it time to revamp your website?

Does marketing your art make your brain hurt?

  • So many questions. We will help you answer these questions and more.

Access Videos, Tips, and E-Books to help you launch an effective art creating and marketing strategy.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn new approaches to design, value and color.

    • Hone your signature look.

  • Understand impactful principles that make every painting better.

  • Learn new approaches to using differences.

    • How to quickly decide on colors, composition, proportions

    • How to easily mix beautiful colors every-time

    • How to create soft edges and transitions

  • Learn the simplest ways to fix mistakes

  • Learn the art of marketing.

    • How to market and gain more sales.

This way to fine art →

It Is About Time.

You Make The Art That Only You Can Create.

  • Learn key ingredients of creating strong, impactful artwork, and how to use them to immediately improve your art .

  • Explore powerful tips for discerning what your art needs now, and how to correct your path when you get stuck or make a mistake.

  • Understand how to create more exciting, impactful and in depth complexity in your art.

  • Learn the keys to creating seductive, sellable artwork.

  • Explore strategies for refining your unique style and voice.

Master methods for making art that feels alive, spacious, joyful, and personal to you.

Master methods for making art that feels alive, spacious, joyful, and personal to you.

If you know what you are making is not what you are capable of, and if your work does not feel right - if you are looking around for answers, ALN can help.


Use On Your Next Great Painting

As an artist and creator you are full of big ideas, and we believe the best way to get those ideas into the world is with using color effectively.

When you start with a well-designed composition and balanced color your paintings will be stronger and more exciting.

Be sure and review the Color Module Lesson


It’s your life. Make it beautiful!

It’s not too late to learn from successful artists who have been there and had the same questions you have. Learn successful marketing and selling tips. Learn how you can grow your painting skills. Enhance your life.

Learning enriches every aspect of your life. It increases your happiness level and gives you opportunities. Learning gives you more ways to connect with other artists, and it helps you solve problems. Stay open to what you can accomplish and start with a year of learning.

Everyone has genius in them. Letting it out, through experimentation, trial and error, is the key. No one has ever made progress without starting and making mistakes. Want to be a painter. Paint.



Our philosophy of what makes a painting extraordinary isn’t the medium or surface—it’s the emotion that tells a story.

Cheryl and Jim teach you to experiment
you learn how to develop concepts.

Learn how to work with color.

Use all mediums:, oil, acrylics, mixed media,

cold wax, and watercolor.

"When you walk to the edge of all the light you have known, you must believe that one of two things will happen: There will be something solid for you to stand upon, or, you will be taught how to fly."

Patrick Overton

Take Care Of Yourself

And What Is Important To You.

Paint Paintings You Want

To Keep And Hang On Your Walls.

They Will Sell.